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Mission Statement

CDR’s mission is to deliver quality and professional engineering solutions in an expeditious and collaborative manner that maximizes our client’s ROI .


The gratification of saving our clients time and money is why we do our job.We empower our clients to reach their goals by providing proactive and realistic solutions.


Our vision is to become THE West Coast leader and partner in land development and continue to provide ROI driven and trusted solutions with integrity. 

Core Values

Sense of Urgency - Our engineers move with purpose and understand that besides delivering well executed plans, returning phone calls, responding to emails, coordinating with consultants, making submittals, and meeting milestone dates are all critical to completing projects on time .

4 Points of Collaboration - Effective communication is essential for a successful project.  CDR believes there are four points of collaboration on a project; The Client, The Approval Agency, other Consultants, and Internal at CDR.  The culminations of the effectively communicating with the four points are our approved plans.  An integral part of effective communication is what sets us apart from other firms. All our engineers cell numbers are their direct line. No answering services, call screeners, or robo-secretaries.

Integrity & Accountability – Developers and owners are entrusting their time, land and money with CDR, as such CDR accepts this responsibility and will provide engineering solutions that will maximize the ROI within the laws, regulations, codes, and requirements of permitting jurisdictions.

Accessibility - How do we show ACCESSIBILITY to our clients and vendors? First, we need to explain what we’re trying to make accessible.

It’s easy, 2 things:

1.    Transparency on cost

2.    Easy access to our engineers and team leaders

PersistenceThe development team’s biggest challenge is getting a permit and obtaining accurate information from agencies. Persistence is what it takes to get things done with agencies that are not working on the same agenda and schedule.

Relationships/Mutual Respect – We value our team and our clients and strive to be exemplary citizens in the communities where we work & play.

Always an Entrepreneur – Why do you need a civil engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit? Part of being a valued team member and thinking like an owner is recognizing the risk, developers and owners are taking to hopefully be rewarded with a profitable project. Engineering solutions that maximize the ROI, help reduce the owner’s risk. Having team members that share and recognize the entrepreneurial spirit allows owners and consultants to be like minded, which facilitates long lasting professional relationships with clients.